Docks, Other Accessories Should Work With Apple’s Lightning Adapter

Docks, Other Accessories Should Work With Apple’s Lightning Adapter

Afraid that “Hello Kitty” iPhone Dock your Nana got you for your birthday isn’t going to be compatible with your new iPhone 5 and the Apple Lightning Adapter? Well calm your fears, my little smitten kitten, it’ll probably work just fine.


 A bit of good news among the seeming rubble that is the iPhone 5 launch: the $30 adapter you have to buy to connect your Lightning iPhone 5 to your old and busted iPod dock should stream audio without problem. 

The folks at audio company Line 6 did some “preliminary tests” and found that audio products that follow the rules Apple laid down should work just fine with the Lightning adapter.

Line 6 founder Marcus Ryle said, “Based on what’s been announced, for audio products that operate using USB Host mode and follow Apple approved methods such as CoreAudio and CoreMIDI, I would not expect there to be any technical issue.”

Core Audio is the Apple standard for playing sound on Macs and iPods/iPhones. It’s possible that some docks may require special features that won’t be able to be replicated through Lightning, but the odds should be in your favor.

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