New Things You Can Ask Siri in iOS 6

New Things You Can Ask Siri in iOS 6

With the arrival of  iOS 6, Siri gains some great new abilities. Terry White of gives us a run down of some of Siri’s new commands.

Terry White:

This is actually a follow up to an insanely popular post I wrote last year “25 Fun Things to Ask Siri“. I was blown away by the initial response to that post and even the continued large number of views to this day.

Tweet “Having fun with Siri and iOS 6″ – If you say this to Siri, and you have your Twitter login information set up in iOS 6, Siri will tweet your message to a waiting public.

“Show Tweets that mention me.” – This will show you any tweets that mention your Twitter handle.

Launch apps by name! – “Play Angry Birds” will launch… Well, you know. And if you have more than one version of the Angry Birds games on your device, Siri will ask you which one you want to play.

Check sports scores – Say, “How did the Lions do last weekend?” and you’ll be shown the score of the game.

Post your status to Facebook – Say, “Post to Facebook headed to the park.” – Yup, she’ll post “Headed to the park” as your status.

Take me home – Say, “Take me home” to Siri, and she’ll load the Maps app and give you turn-by turn instructions to take you home.

Show me the White House – Say that phrase to Siri, and she’ll show you a map of the location of the White House, or anywhere else you say.

Navigate to My Sister – If you have a contact designated as “My Sister” this command will open Maps and begin turn-by-turn navigation to that contact’s address.

How long would it take to drive to Say a location and Siri will display the time it will take to drive to that location.

Take a picture – Guess what this does? Yup, brings up the Camera app.

FaceTime… – Say “Facetime John Doe,” and Siri will load the FaceTime app and attempt to connect with John Doe.

When do the Bears play next? – Ask this about any sports team, and Siri will display the team’s next foe and give the location, date, and time.

What movies are playing near me? – Ask Siri this, and using location services, she’ll display what movies are playing at nearby theaters.

Make a reservation at “restaurant name” for tomorrow at 7PM – Just say that to Siri, substituting the name of the desired restaurant, of course, and Siri will show you open reservation times, and allow you to make the reservation using OpenTable.

Is there an open table at “restaurant name” tonight? – Say that to Siri with the name of the restaurant you want to check and she’ll again go through OpenTable and check for open reservations.

These are just a few of the things you can say to Siri to get her to perform various tasks. She’s come a long way in her first year, have fun trying out different questions and phrases. Siri might surprise you!