Google-Owned Motorola Pokes Fun at iOS 6 Maps

Google-Owned Motorola Pokes Fun at iOS 6 Maps

Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility is attempting to cash in on user dissatisfaction with Apple’s new Maps app with an ad saying iOS 6 Maps are “#iLost”, in an attempt to promote usage of the tag on Twitter.


Apple’s new iPhone 5 is shown next to a Droid Razr M in the new advertisement, which says Motorola’s handset offers “the real world that’s fit for your hand.” Both phones are shown searching for the address of 315 E 15th in New York City, but Apple’s iOS 6 Maps return an incorrect result.

An accompanying post on Motorola’s official Google+ page says “Google Maps on DROID RAZR M will get you there & not #iLost in Brooklyn.”

Apple’s iOS 6 Maps pp has been widely criticized since its release last week with the new iOS 6 software for Apple’s popular lineup of mobile devices.

The Maps app has received so much negative attention that Apple released a statement last week saying the service will get better with time. The application is a cloud based app, and Apple said it will improve as people continue to use it.

Reports are, however that Apple has been frantically scrambling to improve the app. Apple has reportedly been keeping its Maps team “under lockdown” to fix some of the larger errors.

Apple is also reported to be actively recruiting software engineers who had previously worked for Google in their maps division, looking to bolster its team as it prepares to go head to head with the industry leading Google Maps.

Apple had relied on Google Maps for its iOS mapping solution, but dropped Google Maps in favor of its own home-brewed solution.

I’m not sure how well the whole “#iLost” tag thing is working out for Motorola so far, as users seem to be adapting the Twitter tag to their own uses.

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