Retinizer Lets You Quickly Make Any Mac App Retina-Ready!

Retinizer Lets You Quickly Make Any Mac App Retina-Ready!

So, you have a nifty new Retina Display MacBook Pro, and you’re forced to still use non-Retina-ready apps like Microsoft Word, and those fuzzy font’s are just bumming you out! Is that what’s chaffing your saddle area, cowboy? Well here comes Retinizer to the rescue.


Retinizer is a very simple app that allows you to update standard Mac applications to support Retina displays. Mostly this means that the fonts are much sharper but icons and UI elements are often still fuzzy.

You can see in the above screenshot that Word looks tons better after “Retinization” but the rulers and buttons are still funky. TechCrunch says it didn’t work with some apps at all, including Twitter and BBEdit.

The creator, Mikel Pr, writes:

So far, it seems only apps that use Carbon, directly (like Snes9x) or indirectly (wxWidgets, Qt apps) draw their widgets at 1x on a retina display, while Cocoa apps seem to always draw widgets at 2x. But some apps, such as Eclipse, draw at 1x and use Cocoa (albeit with some weird Java bindings or something like that, not sure). This app also helps in that case.

You can accomplish the same thing by manually editing the info.plist of each app, but Retinizer lets you set individual app settings instead of potentially mangling you general app setting files.

Retinizer can be downloaded here.