Redesigned Apple Headphones Spotted in Asia

Redesigned Apple Headphones Spotted in Asia

The current Apple made iOS headphones have remained largely unchanged for many years. A new report out of Vietnam says that’s all about to change – starting with some radically redesigned ‘iPhone 5’ headphones.


Vietnamese site Tinhte, which has a solid record of procuring pre-release Apple products, has what they claim to be the headphones that will come with the new iPhone next month.  The current iOS device headphones have remained largely unchanged since the launch of the original iPhone in 2007 and many complain they fit poorly or fall out often (guilty!).  Apple also makes in-ear headphones which many consider over-priced and under performing (also guilty!).

The headphones appear to be a hybrid of the two current versions Apple sells, and the report doesn’t make clear if these will be supplied with the products, or will be made available as an add-on accessory.

With the cable labeling reading “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in Vietnam,” the site believes the headphones were manufactured in a Vietnamese Foxconn plant. Tinhte says the build quality of the part has them convinced it is a legitimate Apple product.

If this report turns out to be correct, it shows that Apple has heard the moaning of the masses and is at least attempting to rectify the shortcomings of their current headphones.