iPhone Makes Up Over 33% of U.S. Smartphone Market

iPhone Makes Up Over 33% of U.S. Smartphone Market

As we all await Apple’s big iPhone event next week, new data from comScore highlights how well the iPhone is doing before the big launch. According to the report, the iPhone now accounts for just over a third of the U.S. smartphone market.

The study is based on data from over 30,000 U.S. mobile subscribers, and found that while Apple’s share of the market is growing, Android is still the undisputed king of the pack, with 52% of the nation’s smartphone market.

It’s worth noting that many customers have held off purchasing iPhones in recent months due to anticipation for Apple’s upcoming next-gen iPhone, so it’s likely that these numbers will change significantly over the next few months.

For offering only three smartphones, Apple is doing exceptionally well in the market against the dozens (hundreds?) of Android smartphones floating around out there…


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