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OS X Surpasses Windows Vista in Global Market Share

OS X Surpasses Windows Vista in Global Market Share

According to the latest data from analytics firm Net Applications, Apple’s OS X platform (versions 10.4 and later) has now surpassed Windows Vista in actual global usage for the month of August – an impressive feat considering how many users upgraded from XP to Vista.

CNET reports:

…the total Mac OS X user base now outstrips that of Windows Vista. Apple’s combined share of the desktop market — counting versions 10.4 and after of OS X — Apple has a 7.11 percent share, while Windows Vista takes 6.1 percent.

While the numbers are impressive, Windows Vista wasn’t exactly Microsoft’s crown jewel. In fact, it’s widely regarded as being absolutely awful. Still, it’s a nice milestone – and a testament to how quickly OS X is growing.

Apple users are also much quicker to adopt new versions of their OS than Windows users – OS X Mountain Lion recently became the most quickly adopted desktop OS of all time!

So, with Apple’s Mac sales growing, and the PC market as a whole shrinking, how long will it be until Apple catches up to Windows XP, or Windows 7? Probably quite a while – but I hope to be there grinning it up when they do!

Check out the numbers for yourself over at Net Applications!


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