Review: Iron Mouse – A “Cheesy,” Fast-Paced Game for iOS

Review: Iron Mouse – A “Cheesy,” Fast-Paced Game for iOS

Of the huge selection of games in the App Store, the ones that we tend to gravitate towards always seem to have a few things in common.  We love games that are fun to play, easy to learn, and challenging to master.  There is also another key element, which many of these games seem to share. They all center around animals, and Iron Mouse is no exception.


Iron Mouse ($0.99 Universal App) is an addicting game revolving around an iron (robotic) mouse, and a few slices of cheese.  The goal is to collect all the cheese, as fast a possible, while jumping from block to block, and avoiding obstacles.  The faster you complete a level, the more stars you get, which will help to unlock future levels and achievements.

While the premise sounds fairly simple, levels quickly move from simple jumps from block to block, to avoiding hungry robo-cats, mouse traps, and more.  As the levels get more challenging, the time allowed increases, but one wrong move can certainly cost you a star, or the round.  Much like similar games, Iron Mouse allows infinite retries on any level, and with every attempt, you’re bound to find tricks and tactics to improve your time, and ultimately, your score.

Iron Mouse features a fun and silly musical score that helps keep you in the game by setting a playful and non-intimidating mood, even on the most complex of levels.  The game’s graphic are decent, but nothing particularly pops out and colors tend to be a little bland.  This, combined with the current lack of update for the iPhone 5’s taller (longer in landscape), may make this a little less exciting on the new iPhone 5 and the upcoming 5th Generation iPod Touch’s super vibrant display.

Verdict: [rating: 3.5]

Iron Mouse is a fun, and easy to learn game that could easily entertain the kids on a road trip or long flight.  It’s simple playability and “tap anywhere” control makes using any iDevice a pleasant experience.  For 99 cents, it’s hard to find a game that’s this simple, yet able to provide long-term entertainment – especially if you go after 3-stars on every level!


  • Simple, tap anywhere control
  • Easy-to-follow on-screen help
  • 40+ levels, for hours of play


  • Lack of iPhone 5 update
  • Uninspiring visuals (just not colorful enough)

Iron Mouse, an easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master puzzler.  Available for $0.99 in the App Store.

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