Review: Spinr – A New Way to Access Your Contacts

Review: Spinr – A New Way to Access Your Contacts

We’ve been accessing contacts on our iPhones the same way since the very first one was released in 2007. Now developer Wim de Nood has come up with a new way to access your contacts, it’s called Spinr.


Spinr allows you to access your contacts with an interactive replacement for the standard iOS contacts app. Spinr allows you to “spin” through your contacts. By spinning through the alphabetical list, Spinr allows you to quickly, and easily find the contact you’re looking for. Once you find the contact, simply tap it, and up pops the contacts important info. Phone numbers and email addresses readily appear, allowing you to call, text, or email the contact directly from the app.

You can also search your contacts by tapping the search icon, and entering the name of the contact you wish to jump directly to.

You can enter a new contact while in Spinr by tapping the “+” icon at the top of the screen.

Settings allows you to fine tune sorting of contacts, what fields to show, and whether to use quick view or not.

I did experience a few times where the app froze on me. Both times I tapped an email address to send an email, and when I decided to cancel the email, the app would not let me exit the email draft. This could be iOS 6 or iPhone 5 related, both of which this app was reviewed under.

As you can also see from the screenshots, the app is letterboxed on the iPhone 5. This is not a deal killer, and like many developers, I imagine the devs of Spinr are working to update their app for the iPhone 5′s taller display.


I’m not sure I’ll continue to use Spinr as a replacement for my default contacts app, but I am a creature of habit. I can see where an app such as Spinr would appeal to users who want to be able to quickly “spin” through their contacts to find the contact info they need.

I recommend Spinr to anyone who may be frustrated with the stock iOS Contacts app.

Price: $0.99 – Available now for the iPhone in the App Store, (Direct Link)


Rating: 3.5/5


  • Quick access to your contacts.
  • Simple, yet powerful interface.
  • Easy access to phone, text, or email your contacts.


  • I had the app freeze on me a couple of times as noted above.
  • I’ll like it better after it’s updated for the iPhone 5′s taller screen.