Siri Co-Founder Adam Cheyer Leaves Apple

Siri Co-Founder Adam Cheyer Leaves Apple

A report today says that the co-founder of Siri, Adam Cheyer, has left Apple after more than two and a half years. Cheyer became an Engineering Director at Apple after his company was purchased by Apple in 2010. Siri CEO Dag Kittlaus was the first to leave Apple in 2011.


Siri Inc, founded by Cheyer and three others, was acquired by Cupertino-based Apple on April 28th, 2010. As we all know Siri’s technology was subsequently introduced as one of the iPhone 4S’ highlight features and later placed on Apple’s third-generation iPad thanks to iOS 6.

Siri has come under attack, as a handful of lawsuits have been filed over the “beta” software, claiming Apple conveys a “misleading and deceptive message” about Siri. In a May poll conducted by 9to5mac, 45 percent of participants said “Siri could use some work, but is helpful.”

Siri’s third co-founder, Tom Gruber will be staying with Apple.

We wish Mr. Cheyer much luck in his future endeavors, and we’ll be watching to see what’s up next for him.