The Science Behind The New EarPods

The Science Behind The New EarPods

I bought myself Apple’s new Earpods, announced at yesterday’s event, as soon as the Apple online store was back up. Why? Because they can’t be a failure. Anything will be better than what Apple offered before by a way of headphones, and considering they spent three years developing the earpods I expect good sound.

But what exactly makes them so special? Evolver has broken down the science behind them, and it’s fascinating.

The problem with most in ear headphones, Evolver claims, is that the cable produces a thumping sound every time it hits the user’s chest due to there being a seal in the ear, and hence it ruins your music experience.

Evolver then goes on to explain that the EarPods solve this. It’s all about airflow. The holes in the Earpods prevent a seal, which therefore prevents the thumping sound problem, as they describe it. Furthermore phone calls will be more normal. In ear headphones which form a seal prevent you from hearing your own voice. The EarPods, because they do not, will therefore allow you to hear both ends of the conversation.

It’s definitely interesting, and I can’t wait to try them out and see how they sound!