Vodafone Prematurely Announces Nano SIMs On UK Blog

Vodafone Prematurely Announces Nano SIMs On UK Blog

Following a report coming out of Germany that Vodafone was stockpiling nano SIMs ahead of the iPhone 5 release, the company itself confirmed, albeit prematurely, on its UK blog that it had 500,000 in stock, 9to5Mac reports. While the post has down been taken down, the page cache is still viewable here.

The post, presumably talking about the iPhone, said that ‘the first devices have now been announced’. Details of the specification were also confirmed:

Stripped of all excess plastic, this fourth generation SIM card is 40 percent smaller than a micro-SIM, but supports the conventional eight electrical contacts and fits backwards into current micro-SIM slots so that you can use it during any changeover period.

This confirms that the iPhone 5 will indeed be coming tomorrow, and with 500,000 in stock for the UK alone, and bearing in mind it’s just one carrier, it’s clear that record sales are expected.

The SIMs measure 12.3mm x 8.8 mm, and as you can see from the photos they fit on a five pence coin, so it’s incredibly tiny compared to today’s standard (for those who don’t know how big a five pence coin is, it’s roughly the width of the tip of a normal size thumb).

So that’s one new iPhone feature confirmed, and we’ll know the rest this time tomorrow.

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