Why iOS Should Get Out Of OS X, And Fast! (Opinion)

Why iOS Should Get Out Of OS X, And Fast! (Opinion)

I’ve just bought a new (used) Macbook Pro so I can run Mountain Lion, which my 2007 Macbook can’t manage. This prompted me to rewatch the Mountain Lion keynote from WWDC yesterday, and realize that Apple has pretty much started down the road of no return. Lion actually marked the start of it: the importation of features from iOS. Microsoft has already shown that it’s a disaster to combine a mobile OS with a desktop one, with Windows 8 getting some of the worst criticism I’ve ever seen for an OS.

My one worry is that we’re getting to the end of OS X. There are not many big cats left, and we’re already at .8, so Apple isn’t going to continue forever. This could then lead to iOS simply being ported to the Mac, which would be the end. If that happens, I’m putting it on record, I will never buy another Mac ever again.

Mobile OSes and desktop OSes really don’t match and Apple should know that. Who wants reverse scrolling on a computer? I don’t know how Apple can say it feels natural. It’s the opposite of that. Game Center? For the very limited selection on the Mac App Store? I don’t think so. As of 2012, you would be a fool to buy your games off the Mac App Store when Steam has a much better selection.

And there’s another one: the Mac App Store. It fundamentally can’t work on the Mac. The Mac has been an open platform for its entire life, and I have yet to purchase an app off the Mac App Store (excluding Lion and free downloads).

I accept that some features from iOS have been quite good: gestures, for example. But the vast majority just don’t work (at least for me) in OS X. Full screen apps, another example: it feels natural on iOS due to the screen size, but on the Mac, when you really need several windows displayed at once, it doesn’t work.

For me, Snow Leopard is perfect. However, due to Apple’s infernal cycle, you have to upgrade for the latest OS for all apps to work. That’s fine, I don’t mind that, as long as it doesn’t do anything like what Microsoft has done.

When I upgrade to Mountain Lion, I’ll do my utmost to de-iOS-ify it, even though I know there is a limit to how much you can do. But as I said, if Apple’s next step after Mountain Lion/OS X is to simply port iOS to the Mac, then it’s the end of the road for me and the Mac.

Update: I’ve decided I won’t upgrade to Mountain Lion for now, only when I have to. My new Macbook Pro comes with Snow Leopard (which is actually still supported for security updates), and that will do perfectly.

Editor’s note: It’s worth noting that articles written each member of the MacTrast team reflect their own views. For instance, this piece is in stark contrast to a related article written by managing editor J. Glenn Kunzler.

  1. I’m perfectly fine with everything on Mountain Lion.. reverse scrolling is actually one of my favorite things.

  2. Eric Morgan says:

    Reverse scrolling is completely natural. It’s the way things actually move in life. Another relic who can’t see the future.

  3. Jay Jennings says:

    The only person I have ever heard say they don’t like full screen apps as a feature. Really? Seems ridiculous. I mean, you could just, y’know…not click the full screen button.

  4. My name is... says:

    I don’t like the fact that Microsoft has streamlined their Mobile OS with Windows 8. By far it is one of the biggest blows that they have made (other than Windows Vista,) however, would you really give up a Mac because of this? To me, I see the similarities to OS X and iOS and it really doesn’t phase me, as long as I do the same things I could do before. I am against them doing this, but times are changing. I won’t like it, but I guess I will have to come to terms with it. Hopefully Microsoft will see that Windows 8 is a proven piece of crap and will change it quickly. If that is the case, then Apple will hopefully take the hint as well.

  5. John Coleman says:

    Microsoft made their desktop look like a tablet. Mountain Lion did not. I personally like the integration of iOS and Mountain Lion. I want my iOS toys and Mac to play well together. 😀

  6. I’m agreed for something and not agreed for something
    but Apple absolutely have to be careful as what you said.

  7. Rick Baskett says:

    Yeah I am not liking the path to iOS either. I just don’t use most of the new features, like full screen, etc. Not a big deal that they have it, but I do way too much with multiple windows that there is no use for full screen for me. The worst part for me has been the calendar alerts not allowing me to snooze for whatever period that I would like. That was a huge step backwards. The app store is nice, but I try not to use it because of what it symbolizes to me. It would be nice to have one code base for Apple though so that way they can have full steam ahead on one OS instead of two. It’s definitely a mixed bag and it is annoying how they nickel and dime developers, and how they can dictate to them on functionality, etc and it’s just getting worse. It does seem like a lot of people like the changes though so maybe I am becoming a relic like Eric said, although I do like the reverse scrolling 😉

  8. Robin Hunter says:

    Reverse scrolling is entirely natural, the screen moves in the direction your finger moves, as others have said it is a key feature too like not a negative.

  9. nick says:

    I completely agree with Henry on this subject. While i have only been using Mac since 2010. i have noticed little things they implement that bothers me. as of Mountain Lion i have reverted back to windows. Just my 2 cents.

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