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Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 Isn’t the Only Camera with “Purple Haze”

Consumer Reports: iPhone 5 Isn’t the Only Camera with “Purple Haze”

Following numerous complaints from across the web that the iPhone 5 camera can add a “purple haze” to some photographs under specific lightning conditions, Consumer Reports has now responded to those concerns. As we noted in our report, and which Apple later stated with a support document of their own, Consumer Reports confirms that the issue is nothing more than simple lens flare, and that the iPhone 5 is no more susceptible to the issue than any other lens.

Consumer Reports:

The Apple iPhone 5, which our Ratings reveal is a standout camera, is no more prone to purple hazing on photos shot into a bright light source than its predecessor or than several Android phones with fine cameras, according to special Consumer Reports tests.

All camera lenses, even those made for expensive SLRs, can yield lens flare, which is produced by scattered reflections inside the lens from a bright light source. How much flare appears in an image depends on how you orient the lens.

It’s amazing to me that this ever became a widespread complaint. As much as they might want to, Apple cannot change the laws of physics – but that didn’t prevent a dishearteningly large number of sites from condemning them when they failed to do so!



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