Halloween Costumes for the Apple Lover in All of Us

Halloween Costumes for the Apple Lover in All of Us

You’ve run out of ideas for Halloween costumes. Sexy nurse, sexy pirate, sexy cop, your wife is tired of making those costumes for you to wear. What to do? What to do? How about dressing up as your favorite computer, device, or video game character?

Let’s get the obvious choice out of the way… Angry Birds!

No matter what your favorite bird, Amazon.com has it available in adult and child sizes. Red, black, red, and yes, they have the pigs too!

How about other video game characters? Mario Brothers!

I’d watch out for Princess Peach, she seems like a drama queen! Again, all these Mario related costumes, and many more are available at Amazon.com.

How about Sonic the Hedgehog? Link? Master Chief? Or how about my favorite, the female PacMan machine.

Don’t push her buttons, she doesn’t like it when you push her buttons. Where would you find these wonderful costumes? Amazon.com, DUH!

Not into video games? Go as your favorite computer accessory!

Need a couples costume idea? You could always go as a USB Port and Stick?

OK, you don’t like manufactured costumes, you’re a do-it-your-self kind of trick-or-treater, how about these ideas?

Go as an iPod advertisement:

Maybe an iPhone. (Must be an older model, these guys look a little thick.)

Go old school! PC vs. Mac.

Finally, for the ladies, why not go as an iPod? Just be sure not to let just anyone click your wheel.

(iPod dress courtesy of Cult of Mac.)