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Apple Has Re-Enabled iOS User Tracking in iOS 6, Here’s How to Disable It

Apple Has Re-Enabled iOS User Tracking in iOS 6, Here’s How to Disable It

It looks like user tracking is back. Although Apple stopped using the universal device identifier, or UDID, after privacy experts protested, with the introduction of iOS 6, they have a new tracking technology: IDFA, or identifier for advertisers. The good news is, you can disable the IDFA from within the iOS 6 Settings.

Naked Security:

Like the UDID, the IDFA uniquely identifies your Apple device.

Websites that you browse with your iPhone or iPad device can request the IDFA. Unlike UDID, however, the IDFA can’t be traced back to individuals, it merely links a pattern of online behavior with a specific device.

While Apple has shared little information about IDFA, published reports say the IDFA acts like a persistent cookie on the phone. This allows advertisers to track user surfing behavior, and record interactions up to and including a purchase or a download.

While Apple has the IDFA device tracking enabled by default in iOS6, you can turn it off. Here’s how:

1) Click on Settings.

2) Click on General to access the General Settings.

3) Click About

4) Scroll down and click on Advertising.

5) Set Limit Ad Tracking to “ON”.

Easy-peasy. No more IDFA tracking.

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