How to Hide Newsstand in a Folder on iOS 6

How to Hide Newsstand in a Folder on iOS 6

Last year, Apple introduced Newsstand as one of the new features of iOS 5 – basically a smart folder that keeps your magazine and news subscriptions in one place. The service hasn’t taken off as well as Apple might have hoped, and many people don’t use NewsStand at all.

Unfortunately, iOS will not let you put Newsstand in a folder, so it ends up wasting space on the home screen for some users. MacStories points out a clever new app from Filippo Bigarella called StifleStand that will hide Newsstand in a folder for you with just one click – and it doesn’t require a jailbreak of any kind. You can even rename the folder later and add other apps.

Simply download StifleStand, and open it on your Mac. Make sure a device is plugged in and recognized by the app. Hit the Hide Newsstand button, and watch as Newsstand gets put into a folder called “Magic” on your Home screen. It literally takes one second to complete.

It should be noted that you can’t actually launch Newsstand once it is in a folder – this is a solution for those who do not use Newsstand, and do not intend to. If that describes you, enjoy moving Newsstand out of your way!

 Click here to download StifleStand and try it for yourself!



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