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Leaked iPad Mini Parts Reveal Black Aluminum Casing, 3G Support

Leaked iPad Mini Parts Reveal Black Aluminum Casing, 3G Support

As the iPad Mini‘s rumored mid-October release draws closer, rumors regarding Apple’s supposed 7.85-inch iPad are starting to pick up serious steam once again. UkranianiPhone (via 9to5Mac) leaked some new photos earlier this weak showing what are claimed to be various iPad mini parts.

The parts reveal a number of interesting tidbits about the iPad Mini, including that it will likely feature a relocated headphone jack (just like the iPhone 5), and will use Apple’s new Lightning connector, as expected. The white front panel also shows the thinner bezel design rumored to be featured on the iPad Mini.

One of the more interesting bits from these leaks is that the black version of the iPad Mini will supposedly feature a dark grey/black anodized aluminum shell (like the iPhone 5) rather than the standard anodized aluminum used in all prior iPads.

Oddly, one of the shots depicts an Amazon Kindle display rather than any sort of iPad display – but the remainder of the images seem to be close in line with what is expected from Apple’s upcoming shrunken-down iPad.

The iPad mini is expected to be as thin as an iPod touch, and feature a narrow bezel, and is expected to be launched in October, with media invites rumored to be sent out on October 10th for the launch event. The device is expected to sell for between $200 and $300 (12), and will likely resemble a smaller version of the iPad 2.



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