Microsoft Surface Tablet Available for Pre-Order – 32GB Base Model: $499

Microsoft Surface Tablet Available for Pre-Order – 32GB Base Model: $499

Microsoft has listed the pricing for the Surface RT on its online Microsoft Store this morning, and the device is available for pre-order now, with delivery on October 26th.

The 10.6 inch tablet, powered by Windows RT, will be released October 26th, and will be available starting at $499 for the 32GB model without a Touch Cover, and $599 for a 32GB model including a Touch Cover. There will also be a 64GB model with a Touch Cover available for $699.

Pricing for the Touch Cover and Type Cover have also been listed, with the “Touch” being priced at $119.99, and the “Type” coming in at $129.99. While the Touch Cover is available in 5 colors, (white, red, black, cyan, and magenta), the Type Cover is available in any color you want, as long as it’s black.

The advertising campaign for the Surface has already begun, and the software, (and now device), maker will hold a Surface event for the press on October 25th. The Verge reports that the company’s holiday pop-up stores are expected to open at midnight on October 26th to begin selling the devices.

Now we sit back and see what happens with this latest entry into the tablet market.Does Microsoft have a winner? Or is it too little too late?Will it be able to sell the 3 to 5 million tablets it’s reported to be ordering?

With Apple’s announcement of an event on October 23rd, for what is sure to be the introduction of the iPad Mini, take all the wind out of Microsoft’s sails?

Shouldn’t Microsoft have included the Touch Cover, (an admittedly landmark feature), with it’s base model, instead of expecting consumers to cough up a extra $100 as a package, or $119.99 if you add it on later?

Will the “Windows Experience” carry over from the desktop to the tablet? Do people really want their desktop and tablet experiences to be the same?

What do you think readers? Will you be taking a look at the Surface? Will it give the iPad a run for its money, or is it destined to be another HP Touchpad? Tell us in the comments section below.