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Review: PDF Reader for iPhone – Read, Edit, Annotate PDF Files On the Go!

Review: PDF Reader for iPhone – Read, Edit, Annotate PDF Files On the Go!

Like the PDF apps we’ve looked at in the past, PDF Reader iPhone Edition does all the standard functions, viewing, storing, and creating PDFs. What else does this app do to make it stand out from the crowd? What makes it a good candidate to take up some of your ever decreasing iPhone storage space? Let’s take a look at PDF Reader iPhone Edition from developer Kdan Mobile Software and see what makes this app special.


PDF Reader is great at what it does. It makes it easy to create, store, view, upload, save, and send PDF files to others. With this app you can create PDF files on the fly using nothing but your iPhone’s built-in camera and a steady hand.

If you have PDF files on another device, say your desktop or laptop computer, you can run PDF Reader’s built in web server. You’ll then see an IP address you can browse to from your computer’s browser, and use the upload page from the app to upload any PDF files you might need to transfer to your iPhone. PDF Reader can also download PDF files from websites using the app’s built-in browser. Both methods work great.

PDF Reader also allows you to print files to any AirPrint enabled printer you may have on your network. It allows you to create folders within the app, also perform common file operations such as move, copy, paste, and rename on the folders and the files they contain.

The app has a great built-in manual available with just a tap of the finger, and it will come in handy when you first begin to use it. Once you use the app a few times though, everything will fall into place.

I also liked the feature that allows filling in and saving of PDF forms. Very handy. All editable fields appear blue, until you tap on a field and it will turn yellow to make the field stand out better. All changes are automatically saved.

PDF Reader can save your files to cloud storage using iCloud, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Google Docs, SugarSync, Mydisk.se, or to FTP Servers. Very handy.

Verdict [rating:4]

I highly recommend PDF Reader iPhone Edition to anyone who needs to view, store, email, and even create PDF files while keeping everything mobile. The app is fast, and intuitive to use. The options and abilities the app contains should meet the demands of almost any user.

For the price Kdan is asking, it’s more than worth giving the app a look.

Price: $1.99 – Available Now in the App Store (Direct Link)


  • Fast and responsive.
  • Makes creating and sharing PDF files a breeze.
  • I love the built in browser and web server functions, they make downloading and uploading PDFs simple as can be.
  • Takes advantage of the longer screen of the iPhone 5.


  • The controls could be a little more intuitive, but the built-in manual does help with that.