Shared Reminders Now Enabled on

Shared Reminders Now Enabled on

While OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 users have been able to share their reminders with others via the native reminders app, Windows users and others have been unable to setup shared reminders. Now Apple has taken steps to remedy that.


Within the past several days, Apple has apparently rolled out shared reminders for the Reminders web app on, bringing the functionality closer to par with the native Mac app. There appears to be no word yet on whether the functionality will be making its way into the iOS 6 Reminders app, but it does appear that Apple is heeding at least some calls for making the feature available across platforms.

Here’s hoping Apple will soon include the functionality in an update to the iOS 6 Reminders app. I’d probably use the app a lot more if I could share reminders with other users, like my wife. Definitely my wife.


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