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Statalicious: All The Numbers From Today’s iPad Mini Event

Statalicious: All The Numbers From Today’s iPad Mini Event

Today’s iPad mini event threw up a juicy mountain of numbers that any stats wiz would be proud of, and some of them were actually quite impressive. Luckily, MacStories was on hand with a pad and paper to write all of them down. Here goes.


  • iPhone 5 is off to a “tremendous start”. It’s been the fastest-selling opening weekend in the history of mobile phones.
  • Apple has already sold 3 million units of the new iPods (combined with the rest of the line-up).
  • 200 million devices have been updated to iOS 6.
  • 125 million documents have been stored in iCloud.
  • 300 billion iMessages have been sent to date.
  • 28,000 iMessages are sent every second.
  • 160 million Game Center accounts have been created.
  • 70 million photos have been shared with Photo Stream.
  • 700,000 iOS apps are available, 275,000 iPad apps.
  • Customers have now downloaded 35 billion apps from the App Store.
  • $6.5 billion have been paid to developers.
  • 1.5 million books are available on iTunes.
  • 400 million books have been downloaded since the launch of the Store.

I’m sure if you add all those millions up you’ll get an insanely high number. However some of stats that were the most impressive for me were the 300 billion iMessages sent and the 160 million Game Center accounts, considering how recent those are.

What were you most impressed with? Comment below.

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  1. Robin London says:

    Stock price down more than 3% since posting those numbers.

    1. HenryTaylorGill says:

      Great answer! Haha!

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