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AAPL Stock Drops Below $525, Hitting New 10-Month Low

AAPL Stock Drops Below $525, Hitting New 10-Month Low

It’s an unsettling time for investors in Apple stock, as the price continues to dip – a trend that’s lasted for several weeks now. Today, the stock sunk to a new 10-month low, dipping below $525 per share. The market cap has also dipped below $500 billion for the first time in months.

The stock is currently at its lowest point since February 27 0f this year, when it closed at $525.76. Analysts and pundits seem to be predicting that the stock won’t sink much lower, and that now is an excellent time to buy, considering the undervalued state of AAPL shares.

Even so, it’s bad news to the many investors who have already lost thousands of dollars on Apple’s unexpected and continuing dip. For what it’s worth, Apple’s sales numbers continue to improve quarter after quarter, which is a strong sign that there’s still momentum and value in AAPL.


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