Popular Video Player VLC Could Return to the App Store

Popular Video Player VLC Could Return to the App Store

Video fans rejoice! The popular video player app VLC could possibly make a return to the App Store, as the developers have changed the majority of software modules using software licenses, thus resolving the main issue that caused it to be pulled.


The VLC application for iOS devices spent some time in the App Store, but was removed because of a licensing issue: it wasn’t in conflict with Apple’s rules, but because of an explicit request submitted by Rémi Denis-Courmont, the developer in charge of the VideoLAN VLC team and the project.

The iOS version of VLC violated the GPL (General Public License) under which it was released. Even though the app was distributed as a free download.

The removal was requested by VLC developer Rémi Denis-Courmont because the iOS app didn’t adhere to the terms of the GPL, and VLC disappeared from the App Store shortly after.

The software is now considered under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL), and according to the LGPL terms, developers “are not responsible for enforcing compliance by third parties with this License.”

Being that the project is now licensed as LGPL software, no issue with Apple’s App Store policy that limits installation to five devices exists.

No ETA for the app’s return to the App Store has been given, but president of the VideoLan and lead developer of the player, told the French PC Inpact that the way is now paved to allow the software’s return to the App Store.