Apple Brings ‘Start Page’ Back to Life

Apple Brings ‘Start Page’ Back to Life

The Apple “Start Page,” a one-page summary of the new activity on has made a return to the Apple servers. Once the default page for Apple’s Safari browser, the start page was quietly dropped by Apple last summer.


Earlier this week, the company reversed course and reactivated the start page, keeping the same design as it had when it was shut down. The page currently features links to Apple’s Holiday Gift Guide, recent commercials, news stories involving Apple and more.

The page features links to movie trailers, Apple’s main product groups, their “Find My (Insert Name of Device Here)” apps, links to the iTunes store, and more. The top menu supplies links to all areas, including the online store and the support area.

If, for some odd reason, you want to make the page your default browser page, it’s simple. Just navigate to the page, and choose to make it your default.