Salt Lake City Apple Store Moves to New Location

Salt Lake City Apple Store Moves to New Location

The Salt Lake City, Utah Apple Store is moving into a new home this weekend, leaving its previous location at The Gateway Mall (where it first opened on November 19, 2005) in favor of a larger space in the new high-end City Creek Center outdoor mall in the heart of the city.

From Apple’s official announcement, emailed to prior customers of the Apple Store at The Gateway, including myself – a lifelong Utah resident:

The redesigned Apple Store, City Creek Center, is opening soon, and it’s bigger and better than ever. There are more Apple products available for you to try, including our newest products likeiPhone 5 and iPad mini. There’s more space for workshops, training, or to meet with a member of the Business Team. Even the Genius Bar is bigger, so we can help more customers.

[…]So come join us at the store on November 17 for our grand reopening. And if you’re one of our first 1000 customers, you’ll take home a free commemorative T-shirt.*

The exact reasons behind the move are unknown, as are the reasons Apple did not move into City Creek when it first opened earlier this year. The City Creek Center is owned and controlled by the Church of Jesus Chriat of Latter Day Saints, and local news channel ABC 4 reports that the Mormon church essentially bribed Apple to move into the new space with an offer of 5 years free rent:

“Apple is making a commitment City Creek and major concession package has been offered to make that happen,” said [Brandon] Fugal [of Coldwell Banker].

But what does that mean? How big of an incentive is Apple getting? […] the Apple deal is pretty sweet. Not only is Apple coming to City Creek, but [ABC 4 reporter Brian] Carlson’s sources tell him City Creek is giving Apple 5 years free rent.

I’ll be personally attending the Grand Re-Opening celebration, and will be sure to grab some pictures off the new location – and perhaps an interview with the store manager as well!