WSJ: Google and Dish Network to Launch New Wireless Service in 2013

WSJ: Google and Dish Network to Launch New Wireless Service in 2013

The Wall Street Journal reports that Google and the Dish Network are in discussions to launch their own wireless service. Sources say the talks are still in the preliminary stages. Dish Network intends to use the wireless spectrum it acquired in 2008.

The Verge:

Dish Network has spoken with a number of companies in the search for a wireless partner, but has not specified who it has made contact with. Dish chairman Charlie Ergen previously stated that the company is looking to team up with a partner that currently has wireless towers and a solid data-transmitting infrastructure, but does not already have a wireless network.

Google owning a wireless service is seen as an extension of what the company has already in place with Google Fiber, the gigabit fiber internet service that recently launched in Kansas City.

Even though the FCC enacted a rule that required carriers to allow any device on their 700 MHz LTE networks, Verizon and AT&T have been able to skirt past this rule by producing devices that are incompatible with the other’s networks. This is thought to be one reason Google’s recently released Nexus 4 handset does not have LTE support. Google would have to produce individual devices for both Verizon and AT&T. Google’s operation of its own wireless network would allow it to produce a device without any such drawbacks.

9to5Google is reporting that they have gotten word that the deal is really happening, and Google is already deep into development on plans for the service’s roll out and go-live in mid-to-late 2013.

Google plans to make the service data-only with voice and SMS only being used as VoIP services, likely with Google Voice. Google of course already has its ISP feet on the ground with its Fiber rollout on the Stanford Campus and its just-opened Kansas City network.

Dish previously has stated that it would like to build a wireless network with the wireless spectrum it owns, but the company wants a partner to help fulfill the plan.