Dock+ The Ultimate Apple-Approved Dock for iPhone 5 and iPad mini!

Dock+ The Ultimate Apple-Approved Dock for iPhone 5 and iPad mini!

Apple isn’t making a charge/sync dock for the iPhone 5, Tim Cook says people don’t want them. So what’s the dock loving iPhone user to do? Introducing Dock+, another great Kickstarter project!

From the Dock + Kickstarter website:

Rumor has it that Apple isn’t making a charging dock for the iPhone 5 or new iPads. So we are instead. Dock+ was designed to work perfectly with the iPhone 5, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini and iPod touch.

The great thing about this project is that the Dock+ is working to be involved with Apple’s Lightning accessory certification process. So the Dock+ could be a certified “Made for iPhone” accessory when it’s ready to hit the market. And you know Apple doesn’t approve junk for that certification.

Dock+ is machined from a single block of steel, a material 3.6x more dense than aluminum. So that means it doesn’t tip or wobble when you use or dock your iPhone. Simply lift up on the iPhone to remove it from the dock. The Dock+ will stay in place. The unit has a non-slip rubber bottom, so it won’t slide around.

We’ve all heard the reports of how easily the iPhone 5 is to scratch and scuff on its back surface. When using the Dock+ the device only touches a soft rubber pad, so no damage or scuffing to the back side of the phone.

The Dock+ comes with 2 soft rubber pads of different thicknesses. Use the one that gives you the right feel for your device. If you have a thick case like an Otterbox, you can even remove the pad completely. If you have an iPad with a Smart Cover on it, the Dock+ works great with it.

You can choose from Glossy Black, or Glossy White. Match your iPhone or go for a contrast. There is also a limited edition Raw Steel model available only to Kickstarter backers. Each Raw Steel Dock+ is individually hand-stamped with a unique serial number, in the order each is made.

The Dock+ starts life as a single block of steel, then CNC milling machines are used to create a perfect Dock+ each, and every time.

The charging component snaps out of the bottom of the steel base. The company says this gives you future flexibility, meaning if they offer a Micro-USB version of the Dock+ for Kindle or Android devices, you’ll be able to purchase the Micro-USB charging component without having to buy another metal base.

Since this is a Kickstarter project, there are, of course, different levels of pledges with different levels of benefits. Starting at $59 or more, where you’ll receive 1 Dock+ for your iPhone 5, plus 1 charging cable, all the way up to a pledge level of $499 or more where you’ll not only receive a couple of Dock+ bases, and some simulated moon dust, but they’ll also guide you through launching a Kickstarter project of your own!

Head on over to the Dock+ Kickstarter page, where there is so much more information about the project than we can supply here.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been a dock man. There is just something cleaner about using a dock to charge your iPhone than just having it lay on a desk or table while it’s charging. I’ll definitely be pledging for my own Dock+. I may have to go for the Raw Steel version, that thing looks tough!

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