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Facebook Urging Employees To Switch To Android

Facebook Urging Employees To Switch To Android

We’ve heard a lot about companies handing out iPhones or iPads to their employees, but what about going the other way? Well, one pretty big fish has been encouraging its employees to switch to Android: Facebook, TechCrunch reports.

Propaganda style posters have been going up around the Facebook campus in the ‘Droidfooding’ campaign, which is derived from ‘eating your own dogfood’ – testing your own products.


While the default choice for what phone employees got used to be an iPhone, a Facebook spokesperson tells me that now “We don’t encorage one device over another. We let employees choose.” When I asked what the breakdown of iOS to Android users is in the company, Facebook’s spokesperson admitted “I don’t have a ratio but with the early focus on our iPhone app and the multi-year cycle of carrier contracts we do have more iPhones deployed.”

With Facebook’s Android app very poor compared to iOS, it’s an understandable decision. It makes sense that a better Android app will be developed if the developers themselves use Android, and aren’t coming from another ecosystem.

It will be interesting to see if this catches on in the company, because its Android app really needs improving.

  1. MRonin says:

    FB can encourage employees all they want. Until FB can make an app that doesn’t totally suck like a 2 dollar hooker it’s not going to make any damn difference at all. That aside it’s not surprising given the culture of FB is one of shifting ‘loyalty’ to whom ever is perceived as “hip” or “edgy”. So give it another six months and they will be encouraging employees to switch to blackberry or win phone or what ever the “next best” thing is.

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