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#Friday5 – 5 Copies of The Man App for iPhone to Give Away + a $20 iTunes Voucher!

#Friday5 – 5 Copies of The Man App for iPhone to Give Away + a $20 iTunes Voucher!

What is #Friday5?

#Friday5 is a weekly giveaway that rewards 5 of our Twitter followers with a free copy of either a Mac or iOS app each and every Friday! Cool huh? But wait, there’s more…. one of the lucky five will also pocket a $20 iTunes voucher! Hurrah!

#Friday5 – The Man App

We have hooked up with StickyPixels to give away 5 free copies of The Man App – the ultimate Personal Assistant for any man in a relationship! The Man App would normally run you $0.99, but we’re giving away 5 copies today for free!

From our review:

This is an app that should be on every man’s iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad. At $0.99 it’s a steal.

The simple interface and easy to use reminder system is a breeze to use for even the most technologically or romantically challenged male. There is noting I don’t like about this app. It’s fun to use, the graphics are clean, and the interface is logically laid out. Oh, and it even knows that the traditional anniversary gift for 10 years is tin. If you keep this app in your arsenal, you may even have a chance at making it to your tenth anniversary.

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is follow @macdrops (our new giveaways and discount deals Twitter account) and RT the below message on Twitter.

The Man App is this week’s @MacDrops #Friday5 – the ultimate Personal Assistant for any man in a relationship! http://mctr.st/SAubYI


Congrats to @penfiftygi, @snowkami, @yannip1234, @cloud_drop & @ElJefeGrande9 – they won copies of The Man App in today’s #Friday5! And an extra congrats to @@ElJefeGrande9, who also won a $20 iTunes voucher!

About The Man App

From the developer:

Step 1:
Add several of your chosen woman’s details – simple info like her date of birth and some more difficult stuff like the colour of her eyes.

Step 2:
Sip a cool drink, sit back and begin a stress free life, safe in the knowledge that The Man App has your back.

The Man App is ready. Ready to inform you, with advance warning, of all impending important dates in your relationship. Never again miss an opportunity to surprise and delight the woman in your life, with your astounding ‘memory’ of all manner of romantic occasions.

Features, for your convenience and her pleasure, include:

– Reminders for all relationship events
– Custom reminders (kids birthdays etc.)
– Countdown to upcoming occasions
– Discreet notifications option
– Random Acts of Kindness
– Never-fail Gift Ideas
– Romantic Suggestions
– In the Dog House Advice
– Her essential stats stored
– Wedding Anniversary Index

The Winners

We will pick out the 5 app winners at random, and we will also reward one of the lucky 5 with a $20 iTunes voucher. The competition is open to everyone (there is no regional restriction).

The competition runs for two hours after this post is published. Winners will be announced on this page and on Twitter.

In order to claim the $20 iTunes voucher you must have an iTunes account. If you do not have an iTunes account (or can’t create one) we will draw another winner at random from the four remaining app winners and reward one of them with the voucher.