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Introducing Tokens for Mac: Easy Promo Code Management for Developers

Introducing Tokens for Mac: Easy Promo Code Management for Developers

If you develop apps in either the iOS or Mac App Stores you know how important it is to promote your apps. You need to get your app noticed. One way to do so is to give promo codes to reviewers, media contacts, or use them to give away your app through promotions. But, until now it has always been a real pain to generate promo codes through the iTunes Connect interface Apple has always required you to use. Enter “Tokens.”

Instead of going through the laborious process of generating promo codes through Apple’s interface, you can now create them with a few easy steps that basically consist of selecting the app you want to generate the promo code for, and clicking the icon for an available promo code. It’s that easy.

Tokens is a freely downloadable app for use on your Mac. By using Tokens, you can generate promo codes to hand out for your promotional purposes. Token also lets you track each promo code, so you’ll know who has, and hasn’t redeemed the codes. Since Apple only allows you to give out 50 promo codes per app, having the ability to see at a glance if you have any codes available can be a God send.

Usually, when a developer sends a promo code, the person who receives the code has to go to the App Store, find the redeem screen, and manually enter the promo code. With Token, an automatically generated URL makes it a snap to share the code. The link automatically redeems the code right on the user’s device.

You can use Tokens to generate all 50 promo codes for a single app. If you have multiple apps you wish to generate codes for, you can upgrade to the paid version of Tokens for $29. That one time fee will allow you to generate, share, and track promo codes for an unlimited number of apps.

If you’re a developer who hates jumping through the hoops that Apple puts your through in iTunes Connect, check out Tokens, it will take some of the frustration out of promoting your app via promo codes.

Tokens is available for download from the Tokens website.

The video below shows the easy steps to use Tokens.