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NBA League Pass Hits Apple TV In France, Presumably Other Countries [Updated]

NBA League Pass Hits Apple TV In France, Presumably Other Countries [Updated]

This news might be the final motivation I need in terms of me buying an Apple TV. NBA International League pass has quietly appeared alongside MLB in the Sports category on Apple’s device in France (and probably other countries), with League Pass and live score updates available on the small black box, iGeneration reports.

In the past, only those with the US League Pass were able to use it on their Apple TV, however now it’s been confirmed in France, presumably many other international countries will have it as well.

While League Pass does cost $220, it’s definitely worth it considering as you can also access it from your iOS device, and it gives you the best NBA watching experience you can get without actually being at the game for international viewers.

I’m definitely more tempted than ever before now to get an Apple TV, however I already have a Smart TV, so i’ll have to decide if it’s worth it. But for NBA on the big screen, why not?

Are you an international League Pass subscriber with an Apple TV? If so, then tell us if you have it and where you’re from and we’ll update this post.

Update: Luke Colgan has just confirmed that he is now receiving League Pass on his Apple TV in Australia, so that all but confirms that it’s widespread.

  1. lenymo says:

    I’m from Melbourne, Australia and can confirm that NBA has been added to Apple TV in Australia. I’ve had difficulty logging in with my existing League Pass account. Not sure why yet but I assume it’s because the NBA’s services are generally buggy and unreliable (though they’re definitely improving).

  2. smeggysmeg says:

    Got it working easy however quality terrible! Quality on previews and utube all good but terrible on league pass, running on Ethernet , any ideas?

  3. Luke says:

    I got apple TV today and my league pass works really well! so much better than connecting my laptop to the tv. However, disappointed that you cant get access to NBA TV Live on the app like you can on the computer, iphone and ipad.

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