Review: Arctic 3D Metal Cases – Stylish iPhone 5 Protection

Review: Arctic 3D Metal Cases – Stylish iPhone 5 Protection

When Apple released the iPhone 5, the accessory market went crazy.  Not only did Apple change the charging port, screen size, and cellular antennae, they also made the phone taller and thinner than the iPhone 4 and 4S, and removed the glass back panel in favor of aluminum.  This gave case manufacturers an opportunity to develop new lines of cases and adapt their design to reflect the brushed silver or slate back side of the iPhone 5.  Our friends at Arctic accessories have taken the metallic design to a new level with their line of aluminum backed iPhone 5 cases.


Arctic Accessories new Metal Weave and Metal Brick iPhone 5 cases ($23.95 each) are a stylish and solid ways to protect your new iPhone.  Featuring a strong polycarbonate frame and anodized aluminum back, Arctic’s new cases can keep your phone safe and add a subtle 3D design, without adding excessive thickness or bulk.

Both of Arctic’s new cases are simple snap-on style cases, offering great coverage for the back of your iPhone, and covering 2 sides of your iPhone. This leaves the speakers, lightning port, and headphone jack on the bottom of your phone completely uncovered, as well as providing easy access to the power/lock button at the top.  A full cutout for the volume buttons and vibrate switch also leave those controls easily accessible.

Both the Metal Weave and Metal Brick cases come in 2 colors – gun-metal and silver – which covers the backside of the device in a 3D texture for easy grip.  The sides are a smooth, black satin finish, which pops on a white iPhone and blends discretely on the black iPhone.

While the case does cover the beautiful, chamfered edges of the iPhone 5, it doesn’t detract from the pristine, high-quality finish like some cases on the market.  The guys over at Arctic know that the iPhone should be the center of attention, but protecting it is important, and their cases follow that mentality.

Verdict: [rating: 4.5]

Arctic Accessories adds “understated elegance” and “unparalleled style” to your iPhone 5, while keeping it safe from scratched, dents, and other unfortunate bruises.  The perfect fit and easily accessible ports, combined with the distinctive design and attention to detail make the Arctic Metal Brick and Metal Weave cases a great way to protect your iPhone in style.


  • 3D textured pattern
  • Strong, without adding weight or bulk
  • Easy access to charging port, headphone jack, and volume/vibrate/power buttons


  • Difficult to remove case (VERY snug fit)

If you’re looking for a way to protect your iPhone 5 in style, check out Arctic’s Metal Weave and Metal Brick cases, as well as the rest of their iPhone cases & accessories.