Review: Taskett – A Collaborative Tasks Manager

Review: Taskett – A Collaborative Tasks Manager

The iPhone, since it’s introduction, has become the center of productivity for millions around the world.  Checking email, taking notes, contacting co-workers and clients, and staying on top of current tasks have all become dominant features of the iPhone for many users.  A new App, Taskett, just hit the App Store scene, and it can make project collaboration and management even easier for iPhone users.


Taskett (Free in the iOS App Store) is a new app for the iPhone, created with a focus on solving tasks efficiently.  While there are no doubt hundreds of other project collaboration apps on the market, Taskett has a few features that make it unique.

Getting started with Taskett is as simple as creating an account and connecting with your co-workers, friends, or clients.  Connecting with others is done by searching users via email address.  After three days of use, I was finally able to figure this out, so take this as a huge hint from me (and the MacTrast team), since the app neglects to instruct you through the process.

taskett new task

Once you have your connections created in Taskett, you can begin to create projects.  Creating projects is pretty straight forward – only requiring a title for the task.  This is like a folder for all tasks in a related area.  Creating projects is the best way to keep work assignments, errands, reminders, and other tasks separate by category.

Within any project, you can create various tasks, which can contain images, notes, and be assigned to other Taskett users (so long as you’re connected with them).  Tasks are comprised of a name/description, an assignee, a due date, tags, and followers.  These help keep tasks orderly and helps prioritize importance of progress or completion.

Verdict [rating: 3.5]

The emphasis on project organization and collaboration is the highlight of Taskett.  Although the concepts are very useful, the execution frequently felt unfinished or confusing.  Adding connections to assign tasks to was challenging and took several days (and a lot of guess work) to achieve.  Creating projects and tasks is simple and straight forward, but editing projects or tasks is half-baked.  While it’s easy to change followers or due dates on a task, for example, it’s impossible to change the project it is assigned to or change the description of the task.


  • Apple-inspired skeumorphic design
  • Easy to create and assign tasks


  • No social media integration
  • Must login every time you launch the app
  • Lack of simple task/project editing
  • Lack or help/walkthrough

I anticipate in the next updates, Taskett could really become a well-oiled (iPhone 5 optimized) machine.  Get it now, for free, in the  App Store.