Review: W3capture – Easily Convert Webpages to PDF Files

Review: W3capture – Easily Convert Webpages to PDF Files

Ever want to save a webpage for viewing later, but in a file format that can be viewed by anyone, all graphics intact? Just saving the page as HTML isn’t convenient, you either lose the graphics, or you have to make sure to keep the graphics files the same place as the page, and it makes it a pain to send for viewing by others. Enter W3capture from Ondesoft, the OS X utility that allows you to save one, or multiple webpages in a handy PDF or graphics format file.


W3capture allows the user to save html, htm, and TXT files to thumbnail images, or take full size screenshots of webpages, htm, htm, and TXT files. It also allows the user to convert one, or multiple webpages to PNG, JPG, BMP, SVG and PDF format files.

After installing the application on my early 2011 15″ MacBook Pro, I started the app up and began testing it with numerous websites. In all cases. the application took what I threw at it, and created great PDF versions of the website pages I told it to convert.

I had the software load various sites, and had it save them out as both separate files, each webpage in its own PDF, and as a group convert, all websites into one PDF. Both times, the app ran without a hitch. The websites were converted into easily readable PDF files.

I also had the app convert webpages into JPG files. Again, the software happily converted the designated webpages to JPG versions.

In all cases, the application was able to grab the websites and convert them, with no loss of formatting or graphics.

W3capture can also convert HTML or TXT files you have saved on your hard drive to PDF format. A convenient feature for those files you saved before installing W3capture.

The application has numerous customizable settings that allow you to choose the default file type, default name, and directory.You can also set character encoding, width and height, and even if you want to use plug-ins like Javascript. Headers and footers of the final out put is also customizable, although the default settings of the app seemed to allow for reliable formatting and conversion.


W3capture performs as advertised. The application allows you to convert webpages and TXT files into PDF or other graphics formats like JPG or PNG files. The controls are uber simple, and the app is easy to learn on the fly. If you need a webpage converter that is easy to use, and does the job quickly and easily, W3capture is an app I can recommend adding to your Mac application arsenal.

Price: $18.00 – Free Trial also available. (DIRECT LINK)



  • Easy to use, simple to learn.
  • Converts webpages quickly and easily, with a minimum of fuss.
  • Converted every webpage I threw at it with no loss of graphics or formatting.


  • I wish it had a delete button in the toolbar. You have to CONTROL-click or right-click your mouse to bring up the pop-up menu in order to delete files.
  • A progress bar on the main conversion list screen would be nice to let you know the program is working and hasn’t locked up. There is a progress bar on the “more to PDF” dialog box.