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Surface Pro To Cost A Mega $900, Don’t Ever Call The iPad Expensive

Surface Pro To Cost A Mega $900, Don’t Ever Call The iPad Expensive

Myth busted. Apple does not make expensive tablets. Microsoft announced that its Surface Pro model will start at $899, and that’s without the Touch Cover keyboard which costs $129. So to buy a Surface Pro, you’re looking at a grand. Wow.

The Surface Pro will be available in January 2013, that’s if anyone will still be buying one after recovering from Christmas. Seriously, what’s wrong with Microsoft’s timing!?

For $1,000, you could buy two 16GB iPads, pretty much four iPad minis or pretty much two Apple shares. Or, more simply, an 11 inch Macbook Air. There is no reason to settle for a Surface. Insert stupid Surface pun here.

  1. Daisy Louise says:

    This is more than a tablet, come on Mactrast, do a little research first. Have apple put a fully functioning OS on an iPad and get back to me.

    1. Marawan says:

      not really cuz micrososft are now using the same os for pc and surface

      1. The architectures are different from WIndows 8 and The Windows 8 “mod” you get on the surface, so there is not a single program that can be directly cross platform. A beautiful mistake, if you ask me.

        1. Taylorconor says:

          As per microsoft: Surface “Runs current Windows 7 desktop applications and integrates with your existing enterprise management infrastructure. Use the programs and the apps available in the Windows Store.”

          1. HenryTaylorGill says:

            But I wouldn’t want full Windows apps running on a tablet. Clunky, underpowered and not optimized. They don’t go together. The iPad works because everything is built to purpose. Windows 8 is a jack of all platforms, master of none.

          2. Taylorconor says:

            If you don’t want full Windows apps then get the Surface RT for $500 and stop whinging about Surface Pro costing $900! What you just said defeats the whole point of this article!

    2. Say “fully functioning OS” again after trying an stupidly broken OS that Surface masquerades as “Windows 8” not one program can be directly installed to the surface thanks to it’s different architecture. Seems to me it’s not macTrast that has some “researching” to do.

  2. Taylorconor says:

    If Apple made a tablet that ran a fully functional version of Mac OSX, i wouldn’t expect much change from a grand

  3. For a PC I want a full function OS, For a tablet I want a cut down version what is simple and quick! You got a full OS running on a under powered device. Great no I can install Crysis on my tablet and watch it lag… Put some effort in Microsoft make a proper tablet OS! All comments are opinion and not intended to offend. I know how you windows fans are cry babies.

    1. Daisy Louise says:

      That is exactly what RT is for. The pro version is not the only one offered.

  4. lean d says:

    What I do think is lacking is a 3g, 4g version of the surface though. I think Microsoft should have implemented it

  5. Looks like Bill Gates will be the only person who will be able to afford one *and* would buy one. 😛 Deth to Mi¢ro$oft.

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