What Apps Would Look Like Under Sir Jony Ive

What Apps Would Look Like Under Sir Jony Ive

With the significant reshuffle at Apple, Sir Jony Ive is now in charge of iOS design, and it is well known that his view is very different to that of Scott Forstall, his predecessor. So Cult of Mac reader and concept designer Adrian decided to imagine what a Sir Jony Ive designed app would look like, and the answer according to this is pretty cool. Click for full size.

Sir Jony Ive would certainly get rid of the skeuomorphic approach that Forstall took to create a much simpler, more modern feel and that’s well illustrated above.


The idea behind my Crystal Interface concept came from trying to find a balance between skeuomorphism-heavy iOS apps and the more digital metro UI on Windows Phone. The challenge was finding a way for the platform to evolve without making drastic changes, because it needed to remain familiar to the huge iOS user base.

After exploring some options, I decided that the Windows Phone Metro UI is too far on the digital end and the apps feel cold and lifeless. Although, I believe a balance between the two directions may be possible. Apple needs to focus on the content and let hardware fade away into the background, and the same needs to happen for the UI.

Expect iOS 7 to be much more like how Apple’s products themselves are designed. I can’t wait!