Apple Granted Patent for First iPhone, Created in Part by Jobs & Ive

Apple Granted Patent for First iPhone, Created in Part by Jobs & Ive

Apple has been awarded a patent for the design of the first-generation iPhone. The device, released in 2007, was created in part by Steve Jobs and Jony Ive.


Apple on Tuesday was awarded U.S. Patent No. D672769, entitled “Electronic Device.” Illustrations accompanying the design patent show Apple’s iconic first-generation iPhone, which was introduced with much fanfare by Jobs, then the company’s CEO, in 2007.

The first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs at the MacWorld expo in January 2007. It went on sale in June of that year.

The hype for each succeeding model has continued to grow, with introductions of each new model greatly anticipated, with rumors flying for months before each introduction.

In addition to Jobs, and Ive, the following people are credited with the design of the 1st-gen iPhone: Bartley K. Andre, Daniel J. Coster, Daniele De luliis, Richard P. Howarth, Duncan Robert Kerr, Shin Nishibori, Matthew Dean Rohrbach, Douglas B. Satzger, Calvin Q. Seid, Chirstopher J. Stringer, Eugene Antony Whang, and Rico Zorkendorfer.

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