Christmas Gift Guide: Buying Apple Tech For Under $100

Christmas Gift Guide: Buying Apple Tech For Under $100

When the inexperienced, average consumer thinks of Apple, they tend to think expensive. That couldn’t be less true. Of course if you want a tablet or a Mac, you might have to spend quite a bit, but if you’re one of those people who just wants to give an Apple gift for style and awesomeness purposes, here are a few perhaps slightly lesser known things Apple makes for under $100.

Apple TV ($99, link)

This is probably your best bet. Whether you want to stream movies, watch sports, or be entertained full stop, this is the solution for your TV. It’s great value at $99, and you will never have to worry about hooking up your laptop to the TV again. Sports, you say? Yup. NBA League Pass, NHL and MLB are all available depending on where you live.

I would definitely recommend this as a last minute gift, especially for Apple fans.

iPod shuffle ($49, link)

The perfect iPod for the gym. Cheap, not a huge deal if you lose it or it gets stolen, and above all easily wearable. There’s a neat clip on it to attach it to clothing, and you don’t have to worry about the next track because this iPod is purpose built for the shuffle function (stating the obvious). At $49, you could actually buy two of these.

Airport Express ($99, link)

Routers are a huge pain in the ass, except this one. Easier than ever to set up with a Mac, you can configure a custom password and many other things. Even better, you can share a printer and speakers across the network with the built in USB port and audio jack. You don’t need to be that tech savvy to know how to use this, and it can come in really handy.

Magic Trackpad ($69, link)

I’ve got one of these, and it’s the future. Especially good for use with iMacs and Mac Pros, this brings multi touch to the desktop, and really gives you a great experience. Touch screen all in ones and laptops don’t really work, and this is the ultimate multi touch integration. I’d go as far as saying that this is better than what’s next on the list, but many I know would disagree.

Magic Mouse ($69 link)

If you like the mouse form factor but want multi touch, then this is a great alternative to the above, for the same price. While I find it slightly more awkward to use than the trackpad, it’s down to personal preference and I’d encourage you to check them out in the Apple Store if possible.

Earpods ($29, link)

Apple vastly improved its earphones with the Earpods. They sound amazing if you’re coming from the old ones, and for $30 are probably the best earphones you can buy. What’s more, they feel much better built than the older versions. Word of warning though, if the gift recipient is already getting a new nano or touch, then these are included with that.