Google Releases Gmail for iOS 2.0

Google Releases Gmail for iOS 2.0

Google just released a massive new update to their Gmail app for iOS, bring the version up to 2.0. The update gains a host of new features, including multiple account support, predictive search, infinite scrolling in the inbox, better Google service integration, and more.

What’s New in Version 2.0

– Multiple account support
– App redesigned with a new, cleaner look
– Search predictions as you type
– Infinite scrolling inbox
– Respond to Google Calendar invites inline
– Interactive Google+ posts support
– New welcome experience

In many ways, the update takes from Sparrow for iOS, which Google acquired a few months back, especially in terms of simplicity, and really narrows down the list of complaints than many have had with previous versions. Despite the apparent Sparrow-ness of the update, MG Seigler of TechCrunch claims that the Sparrow team was not directly involved.

Gmail for iOS 2.0 is a massive overhaul. It’s simpler, faster, packs in great new features, and has a great new UI. It’s definitely a must-have update, and is available immediately through the App Store.