6 Great iOS Apps for the Holiday Season

6 Great iOS Apps for the Holiday Season

The holidays can drive you crazy. It’s a busy time, and you need all the help you can get. These apps may help you get through the season with only a minimum of mental and emotional damage. So let your feet soak, and your credit cards cool off as we share “6 Great iOS Apps for the Holiday Season”.

For the Kids

A Charlie Brown Christmas ($2.99) – This is a classic that can’t be left out of any Christmas Apps collection. This universal app is fun for all ages.

Help Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the entire Peanuts gang as they struggle to find the true meaning of Christmas. Peter Robbins, the original voice of Charlie Brown, narrates the rebirth of the 1965 animated classic as an interactive storybook complete with original dialogue, digitally remastered illustrations, animation, and music optimized for your iPhone or iPad.

ABC Christmas ($2.99) – This highly rated app can help expose your child to the beauty of the Christmas season! Part of the award-winning ABC Series, the app can help you teach your children new words through sight, sound & touch.

They can hang baubles, make snowmen, discover elves, and even play with Santa Claus through beautiful pictures, lively videos, spoken fun facts and interactive scenes.

NORAD Tracks Santa (FREE) – The  official mobile app of the NORAD Tracks Santa program, NORAD Tracks Santa will allow you to watch the days countdown to Santa’s flight, and follow Santa’s progress on December 24

And don’t forget, you can play the games “Elf Toss” and “Thin Ice” to help Santa’s elves deliver presents, and learn about NORAD and its mission.

For the Adults

Christmas Recipes: Winter Drinks for the Holiday Season! (FREE) – When the cold winds blow on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, make sure you have these drink recipes available that will warm your insides.

Bavarian Ginger Dream, Christkindl Coffee, Non-alcoholic Mulled-Wine, Champagne Punch. Parisienne Plum Coffee, Cinnamon Milk, and Glow Wine are just a few of the special drink recipes available in this free app.

Cookie Time (FREE) –  What’s Christmas without cookies? Not much of a holiday I say! SO, check out this great little app, Cookie Time!

This app has a variety of holiday cookie recipes.  Learn how to whip together snicker doodles and many more holiday cookie legacies. Don’t be caught without cookies at your holiday festivities download Cookie Time just in time for the holiday season.

For the Whole Family

‘Twas The Night 3D ($1.99) – This interactive 3D Pop-up book is the classic ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ told in an interactive 3D Audiobook that you can See, Hear & Touch. The story is brought to you with the beautifully artwork of Greg Hildebrandt enhanced into 3D pop-up that you can really move around.

Pull up a chair, sit by the crackling fireplace and see Santa the way you remember him as a child, touch his belly to make him laugh. Move the reindeer to make Santa’s sleigh fly through the sky. Touch the sugarplums and make them dance.

Sharing this interactive story is the perfect way to spend Christmas Eve together as a family.