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How to Look up Sports Scores, Stats and Schedules With Siri

How to Look up Sports Scores, Stats and Schedules With Siri

Love to follow sports? Want to have the latest schedules, scores, stats, and rosters at your finger tips? No matter what sport you follow? (OK, within reason.) Well, here’s how to use Siri to follow your favorite leagues, teams, and players.

Since it’s football season, we’ll use the NFL in our examples, but this will work with almost any major sport. (And no, bocci ball is not a major sport.)

Want to see how your favorite team did in their last game? Let’s say you’re a fan of the Arizona Cardinals. Simply bring up Siri and ask, “What was the score for the Arizona Cardinals Game?” Siri will check her sources for the score of the most recent Cardinals game, and report it back to you, just as seen below left.

OK, so you’ve gotten over that loss, what about the next game, who do they lose to… Um, I mean, who do the Cardinals play next? Summon Siri and ask, “When is the next Arizona Cardinals game?” Or, “Who do the Cardinals play next?” and Siri will reply with the opponent, day of the game, and time of the game. (Local time.) As seen above right.

Now, you want to check out the standings in the NFL, just to see how far the Cardinals are out of the playoff race. Bring our girl Siri back up, and just say, “NFL league standings.” Siri grabs the standings, and displays them as shown, below left.

Do you have a friendly wager or disagreement over a certain players stats for the year? Let’s say it’s Peyton Manning, just tell Siri, “Peyton Manning stats.” She’ll bring up his current stats, as seen above right.

There you have it, sports scores and information with a push of a button. Siri knows sports.

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