Jobs Family Mega Yacht Seized in Dispute With Designer

Jobs Family Mega Yacht Seized in Dispute With Designer

The mega yacht “Venus”, commissioned by the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, has reportedly been seized by lawyers for designer Philippe Starck over a payment dispute.


The yacht was originally set to cost 150 million euros, but the Jobs family now reportedly claims that the actual cost was 105 million euros, according to The total cost of the ship determines the payment for Starck, who is due 6 percent of the cost price.

As a result, the Jobs family is claiming Starck is owed 6 million euros, while the designer is saying he’s due 9 million euros.

Bailiffs are said to have boarded the yacht last week, following a court order from Amsterdam. The ship is now reported to be chained to the dock, and port authorities have been informed that the yacht is not allowed to leave.

The super yacht was first revealed in October. Jobs himself worked with Starck to design the ultra-luxury vessel.

Made completely of aluminum, the 80-meter-long ship has huge plate glass windows covering the wheelhouse, saloon and main deck entrances. 27-inch iMacs are used to control navigation, systems control and other seafaring software.