Light Up Your Christmas With This Fireplace iPad Sweater

Light Up Your Christmas With This Fireplace iPad Sweater

We all know the ones. Christmas sweaters can be the most cringe-worthy things around, especially when everyone starts wearing them around this time of year. But what you’ve seen so far is nothing.

Mark Rober (via Gizmodo) has shown how using his Digital Dudz animation app, you can create the most outrageous Christmas sweater possible, to completely blow away any potential competition.

There are so many things you can do with this, and all you need is to cut out a hole in a sweater and tape an iPad to the inside. A how to video for the sweater he was wearing in the video has been promised in the next few days, but I imagine it’s not easy.

This strikes me as exactly the sort of thing Phil Dunphy from Modern Family would wear. It’s pretty cool, and if I was into Christmas sweaters, I would too.


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