Readdle Launches Free Scanner Mini App for iOS

Readdle Launches Free Scanner Mini App for iOS

I’ve long been a fan of Readdle’s mobile apps – and today they have released a great new scanner app for iOS: Scanner Mini – the app is similar to their $6.99 Scanner Pro app, but with one important difference: It’s completely free!

Scan everything you want with your iPhone or iPad , anywhere!

Every day you see hundreds of documents, receipts, books, bills and magazines you will want to access one day. Scanner Mini takes care of it: all papers will be scanned and organized. Moreover, your scans are always with you – right in the pocket.

The app also carries most of the features of its paid counterpart – including lightning-fast scanning, auto-cropping, editing options, black and white conversion, and links to Scanner Pro’s iCloud database. What it lacks, however, is the ability to share documents from the app. The only sharing options available are iTunes export and iCloud.

Even so, the free version is extremely capable for those that don’t need the sharing options that Scanner Pro offers, and at the very least provides a great way to try almost all of the features of Scanner Pro before plunking down $7.

Scanner Mini and Scanner Pro are both available now from the App Store, and it’s a great app – especially for free!

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