Review: Bluelounge Postal Bag – An Apple-Worthy Messenger Bag

Review: Bluelounge Postal Bag – An Apple-Worthy Messenger Bag

In Tim Cook’s recent appearance on Rock Center, Brian Williams commented on the rise of Apple products in the workplace, and noted that frequently “the Apple products you’ll see are the ones people bring in from home.”  For me, that is 100% true.  Every morning, I head out the door with a bag on my shoulder to carry my iPad and MacBook to work, and keeping my devices safe on my commute is important. For the past week, the messenger bag guarding my gadgets has been Bluelounge’s eye-catching Postal Bag.


The Postal Bag ($128.95 from Bluelounge ) is a stylish and unique addition to the Bluelounge line of eco-friendly bags.  Designed to offer exceptional versatility, the environmentally friendly Postal Bag offers superior functionality for an on-the-go lifestyle.
Bluelounge has considered the typical contents of a techie commuter’s bag when designing the Postal Bag.  Perfectly sized to hold an iPad and an 11″ MacBook Air or 13″ MacBook Air/Pro, the Postal Bag is lined with a soft, yet solid padding to keep your gadgets safe.  When it comes to your daily bag, keeping your technological investments safe is important, and so is having all your essentials – and the Postal Bag has room for that, too.

Across the front of the open Postal Bag are 2 pockets, great for stashing chargers, flash drives, iPhone cable, headphones, and more.  While the split pockets are great for small stuff, you’d be hard pressed to fit anything bulkier than a MacBook charger in them.  I was able to pack my 13″ MacBook Pro and a 3rd generation iPad in the main pocket, and tucked my MacBook charger, iPad charging block, stylus, 30-pin cable, and bluetooth headset in the split pockets.

Once you have your Mac, iPad, chargers, or other accessories in their respective places, the Postal Bag folds in half and buttons shut to keep everything in place.  Once the bag is closed, there is yet another small pocket, designed to hold a wallet, phone, or other small items.  I found it to be a perfect place for a lightning cable and my EarPod case, since it can be accessed without opening the main portion of the bag.

On the flip side of the bag, there is a Velcro pocket that offers ample spare storage space.  I found the pocket to be a great place to put my iPad when it wasn’t convenient to open the main pocket, and an iPad mini would very happily live in the Velcro pocket full-time and be secure.

Not only can the Postal Bag be used as a great over-the-shoulder or cross-body bag, Bluelounge has also added handles to the top of the main pocket that allow it to act as a tote – expanding the main pocket to store a 15″ MacBook Pro (vertically).  While this configuration was impractical for me, it definitely add another dimension of function in some situations. Bluelounge’s dedication doesn’t stop at function, as their bags are made from 100% recycled PET bottles, making the bags friendly to your gadgets and the planet.  The fabric making up the postal bag is also coated, which provides a moisture resistant barrier, keeping your devices dry on a rainy walk from the train to the office.

Verdict: [rating: 4.5]

When it comes to innovative, trendy, and sleek accessories for your iDevices and Mac, Bluelounge has a very impressive array of products.  The eco-friendly postal bag offers many of the key features that Apple owners have come to expect, from protection to style.  While the price may be a little daunting, few other bags offer the same protection and styling, while being incredibly environmentally friendly.  The ability to carry the full array of Apple’s portable products, as well as all your other tech essentials (and keep them safe and sound) makes the Postal Bag a great value, in my opinion.


  • Unique, stand-out style
  • Solid build quality & superior materials
  • Comfortably holds MacBook, iPad, and more
  • Eco-friendly & water resistant materials


  • Lack of color option (only available in “rust”)

The Bluelounge Postal Bag is a great messenger bag for eco-friendly commuters.  Check out the Postal Bag and the rest of the Eco-friendly bags at

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    Do you know if it’s possible to use the shoulder straps comfortably while the bag is extended to be a tote?

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