Review: LifeTicker Pro – Track All the Important Dates in Your Life

Review: LifeTicker Pro – Track All the Important Dates in Your Life

Everybody has past dates to remember, or other dates to look forward to. How can you keep track of both? LifeTicker Pro from Novitet is here to help you keep track of all the important dates in your life, whether they’re in the past or the future.


LifeTicker Pro lets you enter important dates, be it the day you first met your wife, your wedding anniversary, or even the date of your upcoming vacation, or next oil change for that matter, and will give you a simple, easy to view listing of all events, past or future. These are your tickers.

To use LifeTicker Pro, simply tap the AddTicker button in the middle bottom of the main screen and fill out the simple form.

Enter a name for the event, select a category, select if you want a CountDown, (for future events), or a CountUp (for past events). Choose the date, past or future, a time, if desired, and the type of notification you want. You can even take a photo, or select one from a photo album.

LifeTicker Pro can keep track of everything from the time for your next furnace filter change, to the day you bought your first home. If it’s an important date, this app will keep track of it, and notify you when one needs attention.

It may seem like I haven’t given you much in the way of steps and a detailed description of how to use this app, but I have. It’s just that simple to use. Easy-peasy, set it and forget it. Until you need to be reminded of it that is.


This app is a one-trick pony, but what a trick it is. There is nothing wrong with an app that does only one thing, as long as the app does that one thing well. LifeTicker Pro is designed to keep track of previous and upcoming important dates in your life. That’s it. And, it does a great job of it.

The apps interface is simple, and well designed. Entry of information is quick and easy, and the displays are easy to read and attractive. The ability to add a photo related to the date is a great idea, and adds to the attractiveness of the app when it’s used as the background for the display of the event.

I highly recommend trying LifeTicker Pro out. Especially since it is available for the rock bottom price of $0.99!

Rating: 4.5/5[rating:4.5]

Price: $0.99 Available for the iPhone in the App Store. (DIRECT LINK)

Great features:

  • Easy to use.
  • Entry of dates, past or future is easy and quick to do.
  • Having the options for photos to go with the event, and then using the photo as a background on the ticker screen? Nice touch.

Features I’d Like to See:

  • An iPad native version. The current version does run on the iPad, but as an iPhone app. I’d love to see it take full advantage of the roomier iPad screen.
  • If an iPad version is released, make sure it can sync with the iPhone version to keep all your tickers in sync.

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