Review: Pathway Slip Sleeve for MacBook Air by Incase

Review: Pathway Slip Sleeve for MacBook Air by Incase

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to protecting my Apple investments, I get serious. Real serious. When I am looking for a sleeve or case to cover my MacBooks, iPhones, iPods, or any other Apple paraphernalia, there are a several things I notice first. A few initial questions help me narrow down my search very quickly: one, does it cover all four sides adequately; two, is it made of quality material; and, three, how does it fit.

Having been a long standing fan of Incase products, even admiring them from afar as a previous Windows user, I often turn straight to Incase when starting my quest for a new slip, case, or cover. In fact, I just bought a new MacBook Air about two weeks ago and the first place I turned…Incase. This is the second of two reviews about Incase’s new offerings specifically for MacBook Air 13″ and I’m extremely pleased with them both.

Pathway Slip Sleeve

Continuing the drive to provide specific products for each of Apple’s laptops, like the Pro Sleeve, the new Pathway Slip Sleeve is built for the Air. Extremely thin and nimble, the Pathway Slip Sleeve is an upscale addition to the Incase Pathway Collection with crafted premium leather and cotton twill fabric. The new leather flap excellently matches my Kenneth Cole Reaction briefcase adding some professional flair to my gadget lineup.


The leather and cotton combo adds a bit of class to your carrying case experience, even if the twill is reminiscent of a dark denim. I like the copper finish to the Incase logo as it matches the brown leather flap and sets of the twill finish.

Although this is a handsome sleeve, it does not offer much protection when it comes to bumps or bruises. The twill cotton is very thin, at about 2mm, which does not absorb much shock. However, the edge of this sleeve is extremely turgid, avoiding any knocks around the edges. While it is a thin coat, I would still trust this sleeve packed inside another case or even on its own. I do note a the tendency to baby it a little more than its thicker neoprene cousin.

Ultimately, if you are looking for a sleeve with a little more fashion sense, or you love leather, pick up the Pathway Slip Sleeve for $59.95. A new addition to the Incase lineup, we will see how it fairs over time. Although it is not the staple neoprene sleeve, Incase is doing some great things with their new product lines, like the EO traveller series and the Pathway Collection.

Conclusion [rating: 4.5/5]

If you missed it, yesterday we covered the all new Neoprene Pro Sleeve for MacBook Air. In a flat out duel, a head-to-head battle, if the world is ending and I only get one… I choose the tried and true Neoprene Pro Sleeve for the Air. I love how it hugs the Air and adds the extra bit of thickness for protection. It is also the ultimate Incase sleeve. Always has been. Always will.

I am very glad Incase started making items solely for the Air because it had been neglected for a long time. Why put your Air in a Pro case? It will just knock around. I want something specifically for my shiny new Air and that’s what I got in these two offerings.


  • Stylish look and feel
  • Velcro enclosure
  • Strong side walls to prevent knocks


  • The twilled cotton looks a little too much like dark washed denim jeans for me
  • Soft leather top is soft and may not prevent damage if dropped on top instead of the other 3 protected sides