Review: Incase Neoprene Pro Sleeve for MacBook Air

Review: Incase Neoprene Pro Sleeve for MacBook Air

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to protecting my Apple investments, I get serious. Real serious. When I am looking for a sleeve or case to cover my MacBooks, iPhones, iPods, or any other Apple paraphernalia, there are a several things I notice first. A few initial questions help me narrow down my search very quickly: one, does it cover all four sides adequately; two, is it made of quality material; and, three, how does it fit.

Having been a long standing fan of Incase products, even admiring them from afar as a previous Windows user, I often turn straight to Incase when starting my quest for a new slip, case, or cover. In fact, I just bought a new MacBook Air about two weeks ago and the first place I turned…Incase. This is the first of two reviews about Incase’s new offerings¬†specifically for MacBook Air 13″ and I’m extremely pleased with them both.

Incase 13″ Neoprene Pro Sleeve for MacBook Air

As I mentioned, Incase has been a staple of the Apple world since 1997 and a fanboy’s delight. In my opinion, Incase is one of the top Apple accessory makers in the world and as a reviewer, I come across a lot of product.

Clearly, the meat and potatoes of the Incase line are their Neoprene sleeves, which are ubiquitously attached to the hip of most MacBooks. When I think MacBook case, I immediately think “Incase” and often convince new converts to pick one up while they make their first Apple purchase.

Practicing what I preach, I brought home the Air and immediately hunted down an Incase sleeve. At the direction and generosity of a friend over at Incase, I ended up with the 13″ Neoprene Pro Sleeve, which has been re-tailored for the Air. Previously the sleeve was made for both the 13″ Air and MBPro; however, minding rule #3, Incase decided that wasn’t good enough. The new Pro Sleeve for Air leaves no wiggle room when the laptop is squeezed inside.

It is completely form-fitted to the Air and I even pull up a little bit when zipping it around the corners to prevent scraping the zipper on the Air’s edge. To prevent zipper scratches, a padded binding is sewn the length of the zipper teeth. The binding can be seen as the smooth tubular object in the image below. Additionally, the inside is completely lined with a faux fur, also helping to prevent scrapes and dings.

The neoprene is thick enough to act as a standalone case or thin enough to slip into another bag or backpack, of which I suggest the Compact pack. Throughout this past week, I took my Air to the office in the Pro Sleeve and felt like it was completely protected from the elements.

Conclusion [rating: 5/5]

Ultimately, the Pro Sleeve is exactly what I am looking for in a case. The trim and tight fit are perfect for the Air and prevents it from knocking around in cases that are built for a MBPro. If you want to take care of your Air, buy the right tool for the job. Check out Incase’s cash crop, the Neoprene Pro Sleeve for MacBook Air, which is sold exclusively through the Apple Store for $39.95.


  • Thicker neoprene adds extra protection
  • Form-fitted to prevent sliding around
  • Fur lined to carres the brushed aluminum
  • Exactly what you would expect from an Incase sleeve


  • The sleeve is so tight I feel like I need to pull up when zipping around the corners to prevent touching the Air

Do not forget to check back tomorrow for our coverage of the Pathway Slip Sleeve.