Beware of the iPhone ‘Danger Zones’ (Infographic)

Beware of the iPhone ‘Danger Zones’ (Infographic)

As iPhone owners, we all want to avoid the “danger zones,” those places where you’re statistically more likely to break your precious device. But, do we really know all the danger zones? And, what the chances are we’ll break our precious while we’re in those hot spots? SquareTrade, the ubiquitous warranty firm, has released an interesting infographic we though we’d share with you.


From the SquareTrade blog:

It’s a big scary world out there for iPhones. There’s danger waiting around every corner. So what’s the most dangerous place for them? Not at the supermarket or the sidewalk…it’s your home!

…51% of iPhone accidents happen around the home – most commonly in the kitchen.

Have you killed your iPhone? Where were you when it happened? And what was the cause of death for the hapless device? Let us know in the comments section below.

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